Saturday, December 18, 2010

100 days Challenge - A skeptic Review!

The 100-day challenge is an intensive program goals set by Gary Ryan Blair "The Goals Guy". The program challenges Gary to turn to a program of life, which is a little more than three months begin. As a lawyer, skeptical wild claims, I decided to sign up for Gary's challenge and put it to the test. Here is what I discovered.

1. Gary is a no-nonsense guy!

Listen, I'm very excited about themselves and the improvementtransforming power of goals. I have read performance hundreds of books on self-determination and improvement tip and I've been through a lot of self-improvement systems - Tony Robins Personal Power, Success Motivation Institute, Zig Ziglar, you name it, and I've been through probably. What I found in Gary's approach is that it is a way of cutting through the fluff and give you a solid "kick in the pants," has to go around you. Think of Gary as head coach forYour life that makes you the reality in the eye in an honest way it sees the potential in you and motivates you to learn to realize the accuracy of this potential.

2. The 100-day challenge is not for those who are not fully committed, subject to change!

If you are looking for a simple feel good to talk, you can check the box on goal setting, then this program is not for you. Gary supply you with forms and not simply the same old concept of SMART goals. He isChallenge you from the get go and expect nothing more than a full commitment from you to change. The 100-day challenge for the ultimate responsibility for progress towards your goals set and you will not be able to simply write down some nice goals on paper then they do not mind. You are challenged to take action every day on your goals and you will be expected and supported to include any action. Each week you have yourself a class, how to carry out thesedo not want a simple exercise is for change.

3. The 100-day challenge has all the tools you need.

Sure, I read the long list with all the tools, software, videos and audio files that the program would, and I was skeptical (there I go again!). Amazingly, Gary delivered on each and provided me with additional tools that I had not expected! The best part about going is the 100-day challenge that thousands of other people around the worldgo the same way with you and each is expected to actively participate in the "Circle of Excellence". The Circle of Excellence is Gary's way of multiplying celebrates the dramatic impact of the 100 Day Challenge of any help to not only demand excellence of themselves, but to and for the promotion of excellence in each other. The comments, ideas and all the other passengers on the 100-day Challenge joint support is invaluable, and you will have access to them all about the blog posts for theevery day and the forum.

I was won? A resounding yes. Gary was just what I look for in a coach and accepted the challenge and exceeded all my expectations. The tools were the best I've come across and the sense of community, I felt at every step of the way was amazing and very effective. I strongly recommend that you accept the challenge if you're really committed to transform your life.

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